Joe Beene

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“Ultimately no one can inspire you. It is yourself you have to inspire. You have to make the decision.”

beneficiaryJoe Beene is an inspiration. During Joe’s senior year of high school, the linebacker for his Odessa Permian football team, made one last tackle. It was the last practice before his final football game against Odessa High. Joe remembers making the tackle, he remembers the moments after the tackle when he couldn’t breathe. Joe went without air for several minutes. Over the next several days the doctors, nurses and medical professionals kept Joe alive. They had to fuse together his C1 and C2 vertebrae and tell him that he was paralyzed from the neck down.

That’s not the inspiring part of Joe’s life.

Since Joe’s accident he has become closer to God. He has become an ordained minister, completed his college degree from the University of Texas of the Permian Basin, helps people with their workout routines and now is an artist. His dad turned 60 a few years ago, so Joe painted him a picture. With brush in mouth, Joe paints incredible sunsets and ocean scenes. Joe continues to paint, workout, study and if you’ve been lucky enough to hear him, he speaks to groups at schools, churches and banquets. He continues to use everything that God has given him. Joe said in an interview several years ago, “Ultimately no one can inspire you. It is yourself you have to inspire. You have to make the decision. No one can make you get up and do something. You ultimately have to inspire yourself. Other people can persuade you, show you how, lead you and encourage you to get your strength, but ultimately it’s yourself that inspires yourself. It’s Jesus that gives you strength to get up. This life is not just about us, it’s about helping others. My job’s not done here. Once my job is done and I’ve finished administering to everyone that God wants me to, I can leave then. But I can’t leave a job unfinished”.

portions of this were from an interview with Gary Hopkins posted on